Buffon Straighten Statement about VAR Technology

Buffon Straighten Statement about VAR Technology

Gianluigi Buffon countered his critics after he revealed that VAR (video assistant referee) makes soccer like water polo.

Reported by BolaSport.com from Football Italia, Buffon previously made a controversial statement by calling the use of VAR to make soccer like a water polo.

“You said VAR would be used in incidents when there was a mistake, but now the referee checked the reruns for a sprained finger or other small thing,” Buffon said.

“It’s no longer football, it’s turned into a water polo,” he said.

Juventus captain was then trying to straighten what he wanted to express.

According to Buffon, he did not reject the use of VAR, but little criticized the use of which is considered less precise.

“It’s embarrassing, someone who’s trying to give constructive criticism is reviled, I’m 40 and playing football for 23. I’m not a new fool in football,” he said.

“I believe that my thoughts are worth listening to, I’m just saying that VARs should be used appropriately and not abused, I never said I refused,” Buffon said.

Buffon also felt sad that the referee was upset over his statement, when he intended to support them.

Previously, the Italian national team goalkeeper criticized VAR after his team won 4-2 over Genoa in the second week of the Italian League.

In the game, both teams get a penalty from the decisions seen through the technology of reruns via VAR.

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