5000 Fans of Napoli Soon to Manchester City

5000 Fans of Napoli Soon to Manchester City

Reports in Italy show there will be around 5,000 Napoli fans who are heading to Manchester for their favorite club match against Manchester City in the Champions League competition.

Partenopei faces Pep Guardiola’s side at Etihad Stadium on Oct. 18 in the morning, which is the first in the Champions League. And the second leg will be held on November 2nd at Stadio San Paolo.

The Serie A representative has been allocated seating for around 3,000, but local media reported that about 5,000 people could travel to the UK in order to watch the game.

Tickets go on sale this morning, but there is expected to be a lot more demand than the stock provided.

Before meeting The Citizens, Maurizio Sarri’s team must first undergo a Serie A game against AS Roma, where the match is held at the Stadio Olimpico.

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