Man City Vs Burnley, Aguero at Club History Threshold

Man City Vs Burnley, Aguero at Club History Threshold

29-year-old bomber, Sergio Aguero, only need one extra goal to be able to create a new history in Manchester City The former Atletico Madrid striker will be listed as an all-time top scorer at the club.

In a match against Burnley at Etihad Stadium on Saturday (21/10/2017), Aguero has a chance to play after recovering from an injury he suffered in a car accident. In the last two games against Stoke City and Napoli, Aguero looks already on the bench Pep Guardiola’s squad despite not being played yet.

However, on the counter cons of Burnley, the Argentine striker is believed to be re-relied as the spearhead of The Citizens, Man City nickname. If it is properly played and able to score at least one goal, based on the data obtained, Aguero will be the top scorer in Man City’s history.

Currently, the goal scored Aguero in all competitions have amounted to 176 goals. The extra one goal will make it parallel to the legend Eric Brook who has been recorded as the top scorer of The Citizens since 1940 with 177 goals.

In fact, in the near future Aguero is very likely to pass a Brook record that has survived for 77 years. Because the journey of the 2017-2018 season is still very long, not impossible Aguero able to add at least two goals.

The top five Man City goalscorers throughout history:

177 goals – Eric Brook
176 goals – Sergio Aguero
166 goals – Tommy Johnson
153 goals – Colin Bell
152 goals – Joe Hayes

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