Pihler: Maribor Likely Beat Liverpool

Pihler: Maribor Likely Beat Liverpool

Midfielder Maribor, Aleks Pihler believes his side have a chance to conquer Liverpool on Wednesday early in the Champions League continued.

The reason, when meeting the clubs from England before the Slovenian team has a positive record which won a one-time and two draws at home,

With that capital then the 23-year-old player believes his team was able to overcome Jordan Henderson cs in Ljudski vrt stadium.

“We have a good record against the English team in European competition, with one win at home and two draws,” Aleks Pihler told the media.

“We are optimistic, I hope this fact will give the players extra motivation in the field.

“They can experience problems when they lose the ball, it could be our chance, but they have quality and speed, we have to be persistent and patient, we need to fight, help each other and adapt.

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