Fassone: Milan Too Lust Shopping

Fassone: Milan Too Lust Shopping

AC Milan’s executive staff, Marco Fassone, admits the club is too lusty spending during the transfer market last summer that brought many players.

Recorded players such as Leonardo Bonucci, Hakan Calhanoglu, Andre Silva and many more, but with a large enough and the exit is still not able to bring teams to compete in the top of the standings.

It is very unfortunate, but responding to this management is rumored to still be bringing players in the upcoming transfer market.

“We were too eager to spend last summer, if we can tell the truth, shopping yesterday became one of our causes can not be stable,” said Fassone.

“We have to fix it right away, but will we stop the transfer of players ?, Of course we will not be actively spending, but with the record should be more adjusted again,”

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